1.      Being enrolled at SJTCP is a privilege. It involves your voluntary decision and acceptance of the responsibility pertinent to academic requirements and of the expected behavior which is in accordance with the college objectives and policies.

2.      Since SJTCP accepts its corresponding responsibilities and privileges, it is expected from the students to act as a mature person at all times, whether on or off campus, showing respect for proper authority, for the rights of others and for the good of the college.

3.      To insure an atmosphere conducive to the formation of individuals that will lead their lives along St. John the Beloved’s is identified virtues of wisdom, propriety, righteousness, incorruptibility and honor, you are expected to adhere to definite regulations as follows:

3.1.   Obey and show courtesy to all school officials, teaching and non-teaching personnel.

3.2.   Wear the prescribed uniform and official I.D. card upon entering the school campus. The security guard detained at the gates will not allow entrance of students who are not in the proper uniform and without the official I.D. properly pinned.

3.3.   The loss of I.D. card should be reported to the Office of Student Affairs for I.D. retake.

3.4.   Faculty members are authorized to confiscate I.D.’s of disrespectful students.

3.5.   Observe classroom procedures, otherwise you may be sent out of your class.

3.6.   Students sent out of class must present a note from the Director of Student Affairs authorizing the faculty member to re-admit the student in class at the next meeting.

3.7.   Boisterous conduct, running, playing musical instruments or any action which tend to distract on-going classes are to be avoided.

3.8.   Areas exclusively used by female students which are marked accordingly (e.g. ladies room) are off limits to male students.

3.9.   The College allows the students the use of the college facilities by applying to the Office of Student Service through the office of the Director of Student Affairs.

3.10.  The Offices of the President of Student Affairs and the Dean respectively, should be informed officially whenever guest visitors (e.g., speakers, seminar participants, lecturers, etc.) are invited to participate in accredited programs or activities. Provide a list of names of guests, indicate the purpose of the visit and the expected time of arrival.

3.11.  Any formal report on student misconduct shall be investigated by an Ad hoc Student Discipline Board which shall be headed by Director of Student Affairs, one representative each from the administration, from the faculty and from the student council.

3.12.   Cell Phones, beepers, etc., should not be activated inside the classroom or they will be confiscated and can be claimed only at the end of the semester without prejudice to the sanctions enumerated in Article XIII.

3.13.  Students are not allowed to loiter along the corridors during class hours. They may either stay inside the library or in any of the designated study rooms.

3.14.    Students cannot participate in any outside activity using the name of SJTCP or any of its recognized student organization, without the authorization from the office of the Director of Student Affairs upon recommendation of the Dean and/or Department Heads. Participation as private individuals and not as SJTCP representative is not covered by this restriction.