Discount Benefits

1.Student assistant who have served the institution for at least one semester is entitled to 20% discount.

2.The following are entitled to 10% discount on the tuition fee;

2.1 All Alumni of SJTCP;
2.2 Recommendees of the Board of Directors and the President, Barangay Chairman, DECS, CHED, TESDA, Civic organizations and Church authorities who did not pass the entrance examination provided they enroll in the non-degree program.

3.Two brothers/sisters enrolled in the school are entitled to 5% discount each, 3 brothers/sisters are entitled 7.5 % each while 4 or more brothers/sisters are entitled to 10% discount each.

4.Students who are enrolled in two courses are entitled to 10% discount for the regular course and 5% for the special course.

5.Students who are enrolled in a second course are entitled to 75% discount for the 1st Semester provided the first course is taken in SJTCP.