1. It is SJTCP’s policy to encourage students who have time to join recognized student organizations that will supplement their formal greater productivity and creative endeavors.
2. The establishment on a yearly basis. For a newly formed organization applying for permit must submit the ff:

  1. Philosophies and objectives of the organization
  2. Constitution by-laws of the organization
  3. Proposed activities/projects for the school year being applied for
  4. List of officers and members
  5. Name of the faculty advisers

3. For recognized organizations applying for renewal of permit must submit the ff. supplemental requirements:

  1. Evaluation of activities/projects of the previous school year
  2. The Statement of Accounts of the previous school year
  3. List of new members in the organization

4. The SEC is the official organization of the student body where their rights and interests are protected. It trains students in leadership, foster appreciation for self government, encourage participation in the activities of the college and foster camaraderie among students.
•bonafide students of SJTCP shall enjoy membership upon payment of the Student Council fee;
•officers are elected on the first semester of every school year;
•Its Constitution and By-Laws are subject for approval of the President upon recommendation of the Director of Student Affairs.
5.The recognized Student Organization are:

Association of Computer Engineering Students (ACES)
Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers(PSME)
Engineering Student Council(ESC)
Electrical Engineering Student Society
The Electronics and Communication Engineering Society (TECES)
Information Technology Society (ITS)
Young Educators and Secretarial Students Society (YESSS)
Hotel and Restaurant Management Society (HRMS)
Cyber Tech (CT)

6. The Nation Builder is the official school organ of SJTCP which serves as source of information, thoughts and opinions, and venue for creative and responsible writing. It adheres to the policies, rules, and regulations embodied on the charter of independent school papers. Articles of obscene graphics, libelous statements, and seditious in character are not permitted for publication