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Update Details

Our awesome site has been updated. We’ve locked down WordPress,  installed legit security plugins and  enabled two factor authentication to prevent future malicious attempts, we’ve also hardened our cpanel security against symlink attacks and added few eye candy CSS3 animations. Feel free to contact us for comments and suggestions. Or you can get in touched

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SJTCP Celebrates its 25th Foundation Day

Theme: Translating Vision into Reality Programme of Activities: Sept. 22, 2014 9:00-10:00AMEucharistic Mass10:00-11:00AMRibbon Cutting/Exibits Pre-Judging12:00-1:00Lunch break1:00-2:30Field demo2:30-5:00Literary musical Time Activity 6:00-6:30AM Assembly Time 6:30-8:30AM Parade Sept. 23, 2014 Part I. Skills Competition (Morning) Quiz Bee (Spelling, General Information, Mathematics) Skills Competition(Bartending, Building Wiring, Computer Networking, Logic Circuit Building, PCB Assembly/Disassembly, Programming, Speed Typing,Steno Writing) Awarding

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